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Today’s startups follow lean approach which align well with agile software development principles. The need to fail fast and fail often requires technology startup companies to bring their product features earliest to market and gain the feedback so that they develop ahead in iterations. The agile development approach enables them to develop their products iteratively and continuously.

Gone are those days when software was built with large production cycles of man years or even man months. Today’s technology startups want to release new things weekly and some may even choose even shorter release cycles.

OTS practices agile & lean methodologies like Scrum and Kanban in all our software development life cycles. We believe strongly that all software development must follow agile practices to produce best results for all stakeholders.

OTS provides well trained & experienced engineers, scrum masters and stake holders that emphasize on strong agile practices across software releases.

Agile Coaching

OTS provides hand holding and agile coaching for engineering teams that are looking to adopt agile principles in their development life cycles.

Backlog Planning

OTS helps product managers and stakeholders in creating and planning the backlog of user stories. The backlog can then be organized as per priorities and business objectives of the product.

User stories / epics creation

Perfect user story creation is an art that helps providing clear instructions to the engineering team. OTS has experienced product managers and scrum masters that help engineering teams create specific and detailed user stories.

Story board Management

Story board plays a central and vital role in successful management of agile practices. With limited or no documentation in agile practice, the story board management is very vital that leads to success of the product release.

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