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Continuous Integration (CI) encompasses the modern software development principles of Agile and Test Driven Development (TDD). It principally has changed the way software was developed in older days.

Engineers today are required to follow strict source control practices (GIT or other) and use automated builds and tests that can be executed as soon as the latest source changes are checked in to the source control.

OTS is a pure play Agile practitioner and follow the CI practices in most of our engagements. We help our clients become CI ready and slowly move from conventional techniques to CI based development using the right tools and methods.

CI Preparation

OTS starts Continuous Integration setup engagements by analyzing the current setup that the engineers are using. We then help the clients with a document listing the things that will be required to change in terms of process and tools to implement CI practices in their processes.

Automated Tests

Our QA & Testing team is well equipped to create and perform automated tests using industry standard tools for the applications. OTS can help in creating automation scripts to check software for web, desktop or mobile platforms.

Continuous Integration Tools

OTS has experience of using various tools in overall CI process & cycle,

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