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Desktop apps today have largely been limited to the ones that need to store or act on local system or network level information for the users. They though have grown now from simple local apps to hybrid models where some or all information is stored and retrieved through cloud servers all the time using API & web services.

Desktop apps are still the best offerings in the settings and environment where internet is slow or not required at all in app functions.

OTS has worked with numerous desktop apps in past many years. We have helped our clients in creating custom Windows, Mac and Linux based desktop apps.

With our deep understanding of licensing models, we have had experience in creating desktop apps that need not be sold on one time licensing but offer SaaS based subscription licensing to the users.

Client Server Desktop Apps

OTS has in past created network client-server based desktop apps that use one server component in local network to store and retrieve information across various desktop clients in same network.

System Information Desktop Apps

OTS can help you with desktop apps that can be used to get, port and retrieve system level information from operating systems.

System Servers & Services

Background services and service apps are created to perform background tasks or create network servers that can connect and perform specific functions.

Document Storage & Manipulation Apps

Apps can be used to create / modify documents, files and database at operating system level. OTS has had experience in creating many such applications.

Multi Platform Desktop Apps

OTS has engineers equipped to create and produce desktop apps that are compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac.

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