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Lean and agile is the theme of today’s startup success. Get faster to your market and take the feedback early. Most of the times technology startups are overwhelmed with ideas and want to provide a lot of features in first go. This is not a great approach in lean startup model of today.

OTS can help you choose the things that can be achieved as first minimum value product version of the product to get users and industry feedback faster.

OTS solutions has product mindset in our DNA and is always pushing boundaries to initiate the development approach with a solid MVP that can be released as soon as possible to the market.

Our clients benefit with our experience in MVP planning and identifying the essential set of features vs desired set of features that forms a perfect MVP. MVP Planning helps stake holders not just to operate under their budget but also bring forward product release that can help them raise money or even be cash positive in many cases.

Features Identification

OTS helps entrepreneurs in formulating their product ideas in form of user identifiable features.

Product (MVP) Features Shortlisting

Entrepreneurs and OTS team together help identify the essential features that form the first or MVP release cut. This is done on basis of many factors involving industry, product idea, state of competition etc.

Product (MVP) Technical Feasibility

Many times the MVP features are ambitious and challenging to innovate. OTS helps entrepreneurs in checking technical feasibility of such features by creating working proof of concepts and other tools.

Product (MVP) Planning

OTS offers services to prioritize and plan the features of MVP release so that entrepreneurs have foreseen predictable delivery schedules helping them plan other operational activities accordingly.

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